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Put it all in perspective….

I really can’t put into words how I feel as I sit here and watch the devastation left behind Hurricane Katrina. You never realize how easy and lucky life is, until you see how hard and scary it can really be. I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion earlier today when I saw a clip of man with child in arms telling the heart breaking tale of when the water came and took his wife away. The reporter followed up by asking “where is your wife,” and he responded with tears “I can’t find her body, I tried to hold her hand but couldn’t hang on. She told me to take care of the kids.” It hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately felt like I had to do something. I did really the only thing I could do right now from Columbus, oh…give money to the red cross. It’s such a helpless feeling knowing that there really isn’t anything I can do for these people other than give them some money. They were living normally, with normal daily concerns such as paying the bills, going to work, and catching their show on TV no more than 3 days ago. Now they are fighting for food, climbing to higher ground to avoid the water, screaming for help, and mourning their losses. I guess it can turn all around so quickly. I really have it pretty well. Despite desperately wanting for something more, the truth is the now has a lot to offer me as well. I seek to wake up each morning, take a deep breath, and say “it doesn’t get any better than this.” Live the moment, love the moment, and cherish the moment…you never know when it could slip away.

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