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How to annoy fans…

Want a lesson on how to annoy fans? MLB has one for you, check it out here I understand that the opportunity to capture people’s names and email addresses is one very few companies would pass up. But do you need my birthday, phone number, blood sample, signed and notarized birth certificate? Ok the last two are made up, but that is the feeling I got when I first glanced at this page. Just ask me for my f’ing name and email address, let me opt out of your crappy marketing campaigns, and then let me vote. If I want to enter to win Viagra’s contest, then I will afterwards. Why even give the option to enter on this page when the only people eligible to win are those who are 35 and over (while it says you must be 18 or over to enter, huh?). All I want to do is vote for JR, and that’s it!

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